Kathleen O’Reilly, of kto Studio, was amazing to work with in creating the perfect marketing video for my client’s website and in their social media.

Through a combination of their rejuvenating bathhouse, and healing body-mind-spirit services like massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, and shiatsu, my client, Common Ground Wellness Co-operative, is unique in both their business structure and what they offer their patrons and the community.

The Center is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week and the Practitioners and Staff rely on the doors being open and their treatment tables full in order to make their living. Kathleen and her crew worked around the schedule of the facility and the needs of its workers to keep the impact of a full video production to a minimum.

She also listened well to the stories folks from Common Ground Wellness Co-operative shared, as well as thoroughly absorbing the extensive market and customer research my company conducted on the Co-op’s behalf. When we read the first draft of the script we were pleased. She really captured the diverse and loving heart and soul of the people and the place.

Kathleen’s visual storytelling skills are tremendous. After Kathleen interviewed myself and several of the key stakeholders in the Co-op, and absorbed our research and findings, she wrote a spot-on first draft script. She began blocking out the scenes based on the location shoot she’d conducted one early morning before the facility opened, updating the script in the process.

She also worked with our Brand identity and color palette, and was masterful at making the small treatment rooms seem like a big, well dressed set.

For our video we wanted the “talent” to be the folks who knew the place the best: the Staff, Practitioners and Patrons. The auditions were well organized through the efforts of Kathleen and one of the Co-op’s Staff, Trillium Shannon — and the auditions went off with nary a hitch. All of the folks who auditioned felt right at home with Kathleen and there wasn’t one bad audition, and in the end we got a lot of great testimonial material that we’ll be able to use for a year-long or more video campaign.

In the end, the video beautifully portrayed the care and knowledge of the Co-op Staff and Practitioners, and the bliss that inevitably follows any interaction with them.

Kathleen and her crew were the absolute best at everything, and we are very pleased with the result.

Adrienne Fritze, Marketing Strategy & Planning, Creative Direction
Marketing Moxie™ consulting services